Administrative complex(A) city bouetout – Mila

Our Wilaya


The historians of North Africa have shown that the settlement of this very fertile region, known for its pleasant climate and its numerous water sources, began in prehistoric times. What made it the object of colonial covetousness
Milev was an important military base for the defense of the Eastern Province
With the fall of the Roman Empire, the Genseric Vandals invaded North Africa, but they ran into the Byzantines who ultimately defeated them. The latter established their civilization and tried to meet the Christian religion among the native population.
General informations

To the north by the Wilaya of Jijel
To the North East by the Wilaya of Skikda
To the West by the Wilaya of Wilaya de Setif
To the east by the Wilaya of Constantine
To the South East by the Wilaya of Oum El Bouagui
To the south by the Wilaya of Batna
The Wilaya de Mila is located in the North East of Algeria and occupies a total area of 3,407 km² or 0.13% of the country’s surface. Elle est caractèrisée par un éspace géographique diversifié